Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch update

Truck Driver: The American Dream Patch update
Playstation 5 Patch #12 / Xbox Series X/S Patch #7

Playstation 5 Patch #12 / Xbox Series X/S Patch #7

Exciting news!

We're happy to share that a brand-new update for Truck Driver: The American Dream - Patch, is now live on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This patch not only fixes several issues in Freedom-to-Roam mode but also brings in a bunch of new missions, drop-off points, and a load of other improvements. We hope this makes your journey in Truck Driver: The American Dream even more enjoyable! 

 Check out all the details in the full patch notes:

Freedom to Roam Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Free Roam statistics have been corrected: Time slept now works as intended, and in-game time is now more accurate. Money earned is no longer confused with story mode earnings.
  • Free Roam add-on unlocks in the garage are no longer affected by the garage save state; the correct unlock array now loads regardless of the game instance or player position.
  • Progression issues in Free Roam missions have been addressed.
  • Numerous Free Roam missions and drop-off points have been added.
  • Some Free Roam missions may now spawn two different trailers, randomly chosen by the game. For instance, if a player receives the same mission twice, they may drive with two different trailers.
  • An on-screen message now appears when the player unlocks a specific update in Freedom to Roam mode.

Options Menu Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Audio settings, including Audio Volume and Truck Engine Volume, can now be saved. The game will remember the player's settings each time it's started.

Improvements and Optimizations:

  • Walking pedestrians have been added, currently only in Jamietown. These are still a work in progress and come with virtual umbrellas that automatically unfold during rain or snow.
  • A new background has been added to the large map menu.
  • Numerous lighting updates have been made in the game world.
  • Visual updates have been made to roadside areas.
  • Both VSM and SSM now have a longer shadow distance.
  • Localization updates have been implemented.
  • Update on the weather logic in the game - the game now saves and loads the position of the sun/moon and ensures there are no abrupt lighting changes between individual hours in the game.
  • Additionally, there have been over 50 smaller bug fixes for both PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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