Truck Driver: The American Dream Brave Girl Update | Build

Truck Driver: The American Dream Brave Girl Update | Build
Enjoy new missions, brand-new story chapters, and tons of fresh content.

Hello, Truckers!

Heads up! Truck Driver®: The American Dream 'Brave Girl' Update has finally arrived! Enjoy new missions, brand-new story chapters, and tons of fresh content as you hit the open road. This update is made as part of PS5™ Patch #14 – and Xbox Series X|S Patch #8 – Check the full patch notes below:

Patch notes:

PS5: Patch 14

Xbox Series: Patch 8

Main Updates:

  • Added brand-new story chapters with approximately 6-7 hours of gameplay. The new narrative, titled "Brave Girl," features new cutscenes, characters, and voice actors. The new chapters unlock after the player completes Chapter 31 ("The Wedding").
  • Completely revamped the audio logic for truck engines, now boasting 7 distinct engine profiles sourced from real trucks. Additionally, driving within the truck cabin introduces new sounds for brake, throttle, gear shifts, and driver seat position.
  • The audio profiles for traffic vehicles have also been updated, encompassing a total of 8 new profiles categorized into passenger cars, medium-sized vehicles, large trucks, fire engines, and buses.
  • Added one new playable truck and two new trailers.
  • Overhauled fines logic for collisions, ensuring penalties are only incurred in catastrophic situations, addressing previous instances of unwarranted fines.
  • AI traffic improvements – this is an ongoing process, but for this update, the following bugs/improvements have been fixed/added: cars that bounce like popcorn in specific places in the world are no longer doing it / cars are avoiding collisions with guardrails at junctions/ significant reduction in the number of cars that flip when taking a turn. We are working on more improvements.
  • Updated environmental audio within truck cabins to reduce external sounds and apply a lower value for low pass filter frequency.
  • Introduced numerous new locations on the map, primarily featured in the new story DLC.
  • Implemented various enhancements to night lighting throughout the game.
  • Added about 20 new Freedom to Roam missions
  • Introduction of road traffic incidents. These events will occur randomly in the Freedom to Roam mode, while in the Brave Girl DLC, we have a designed event of this type. This is the initial version of these kinds of events.
  • Updated logic for traffic lights in the game.
  • Addition of many new pedestrians in the areas around the rural roads. (PS5 and Series X only)
  • Added more animals (PS5 and Series X only)
  • Unlocking a new truck and its corresponding add-ons beyond reaching level 125 in Freedom to Roam mode.
  • Updated voiceover for the Hitchhiker chapter (April).
  • Updated cutscenes with more artworks (31 chapters).
  • Traffic vehicles can use their horns if the player stops for too long in front of them.
  • Added one new weather condition
  • Plus, more than 50 small fixes and quality-of-life improvements.


New Options Added:

  • ARTISTIC LOOK: Alters the visual appearance of the game.
  • FILTER GALLERY: Provides visual filters, incompatible with HDR mode.
  • FILM GRAIN: Allows adjustment of the intensity of the film grain effect.
  • HDR Display Nits: Modifies the current HDR display nits variable.
  • ADAPTIVE TRIGGERS: Enables or disables adaptive triggers, exclusive to PS5.
  • Added the character Emma to the main menu upon unlocking Chapter 31 ("The Wedding").


Important Soft Lock Fix:

  • Resolved an issue with the photomode widget losing focus after multiple attempts.


Known Issues

  • Navigation visualization works differently on PS5 compared to Xbox. We are working on improving the PS5 navigation.
  • In some specific locations, traffic cars may behave strangely. We are working on additional traffic fixes and improvements.
  • When playing inside the cabin, you may notice that the dashboard and the mini-map are not stable enough. This is an engine issue that will be fixed in the next engine version (Unreal 5.4), and we are planning to upgrade Truck Driver: The American Dream to the new Unreal version.

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