Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror Announcement

Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror Announcement
SOEDESCO announces Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror

SOEDESCO® announces Dollhouse: Behind The Broken Mirror for PC and consoles

Dollhouse returns with a new and even more terrifying adventure

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 26 March 2024 -

SOEDESCO®, along with developers Grindstone and Indigo Studio, is about to unleash a new bone-chilling experience with Dollhouse: Behind The Broken Mirror. Serving as a prequel to the original 2019 title, this installment presents a fresh narrative set in a horrifying cinematic environment. Get ready for a hellish journey through two different realms!

Check out the announcement trailer for Dollhouse: Behind The Broken Mirror to get a glimpse of the haunting adventure that awaits.

About Dollhouse: Behind The Broken Mirror

Enter the broken mind of Eliza de Moor, a once-celebrated singer, now trapped in the labyrinth of her own forgotten memories. The only hope for recovering her memories lies with Doctor Stern and his experimental medicine. As Eliza, you'll navigate the reality and the world behind the broken mirror, guided by the effects of the drug.

Will you be able to piece together the mystery of your past, or will you get lost in this dark and twisted reality?  


  • Explore a dark and twisted reality as you recover Eliza's memories
  • Follow a thrilling narrative with captivating details sprinkled in each area
  • Fight off or evade hordes of horrific dolls watching your every move
  • Solve exciting puzzles, bringing you one step closer to uncovering the mystery
  • Experience a chilling atmosphere with haunting music and stunning vintage noir visuals

Watch the announcement trailer

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